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Tara Sood Artist Statement


 When I approach the drawing board and the clear surface of the paper my body calms while my mind enters that exhilarating arena of ideas.  The drawing implement becomes an extension of the arm and the subject is viewed with a critical eye for design, placement, and value.  Slowly the object, figure, or still life becomes a series of light versus shadow and how to interpret these varying intensities of dark and light become my primary focus. 


My current project, the Interpretation of the Portrait, is a series focused on the drawing of people.  As there is vast variation in how to approach a portrait, I look for that distinct personality in each of my subjects.  The character and personality of the figure sometimes shows up as a certain angle of the head, a look in the eyes, or a unique use of the hands.  As soon as I catch the idea, I sit down to draw. 

Of all the implements of drawing I use including pastel, pastel pencil, charcoal, and graphite, my favorite drawing media is charcoal: vine, compressed: black or color, and pencils.  I start out with vine charcoal getting in loose fluid marks.  As the design and value pattern proceed I move to the pencils which allow me many levels of value.  I use various implements to affect changes in texture, edges, and value.    

As the portrait nears completion the depth and psychology of the subject becomes apparent through the contrast and balance of tight versus loose, texture versus smooth, and light versus dark areas.  Drawing in particular allows for intentional exploration in lost and found areas.  The interpretations in portraits for me is finding that completeness in the picture that may leave areas unfinished but work to inform the psychology as a whole. 

Drawing has become my ‘relax and release’ time as well as a time to explore depths of art psychology I otherwise would not have time to pursue.  As I have grown and continue to grow in my experiences of drawing the portrait I feel I am able to push past the boundaries of seeing a person and begin to see each portrait as a way light and shadow meet as it wraps around the person.  The meeting and interaction of these values are the key to reveal a person’s individuality and personality in my drawings. 

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