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Paint Everyday...what about finishing?

Throughout December I contemplated entering this Challenge. It is called the Strada Easel Challenge 2020. The goal: to paint one painting or draw one drawing everyday and post these daily while tagging Strada Easel. At the end of January, after 31 pieces completed, there is a drawing to win one of Strada Easels beautiful plein air easels.

Each day I strive to paint as part of my professional career. But, this daily painting is towards nicely completed finals, gallery worthy and gallery bound - at least that is the hope. My personal challenge is this, to paint or draw these pieces in one day...AND finish them. I've found through my training and through my experience that the finish is often times the hardest part. It takes the least amount of actual painting and the most amount of thinking and decision making - it's what finalizes and completes the idea, the design. So these daily pieces to me are sketches, but I have to show them on social media as finalized pieces. The audience doesn't know the difference, they see the picture and associate the piece with the artist.

My new challenge for the month...simplify my daily paintings so that I can complete the sketch and even though it's a short painting, it is fresh and finished. We shall see how this goes!


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